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SO! Newest issue with our apartment? MOLD!

We have the entire color spectrum growing in our toilets and, I expect, in our air conditioning unit too. We've had to turn our A/C unit off and we're using fans very liberally at the moment, but once it starts hitting that good ol' STL 95, that's just not gonna cut it. And all this mold is making us sick. Quite sick.

We had to take the moomba to the emergency clinic because of it! I keep missing work. I usually have to drag Zack out of bed. The chocobo will straight up disappear and we'll find her in a window or outside.

It's extensive enough and bad enough that we've consulted a lawyer and we've offered the office the option of letting us out of our lease.

If they don't fix it by the time we've provided though, as it's legally a "reasonable amount of time", we're able to leave without consequence. (And if they give us any shit, we have a lawyer and grounds to sue.)

28 February 2010 @ 08:02 pm
So, breaking the lease is out of the question. They want us to pay the rest of the lease off plus another month's rent to break it, soooooo we're just gonna have to have a serious sit-down about our neighbors. If it was just the noise or the skunk-weed or the ridiculously frequent smell of burnt food (that seems to coincide with the smell of pot wafting though our windows) it'd be one thing, but the fact that it's all three is just too much.

So, yes, our address will remain the same until January '11.
27 February 2010 @ 07:22 pm
We may have found a house. It's a great little two bed, one bath place that's a lot closer to work and a couple hundred a month cheaper than where we're at now. And it has a huge yard! So tomorrow before I (hopefully) go to work, I'm going to stop by the office and get a copy of our lease because this apartment just isn't working out. So, provided the house stays available and the early termination fee isn't too much, we'll be breaking contract and moving in quite soon. (Probably after the wedding, mind you.)

So, I've got this cold thing. It really sucks. It's kicked my ass all week, in fact. I'm really, really hoping I'm well enough to go to work tomorrow because, well, we need the money. Especially since I'm the only one working. Zack applied for a job within walking distance of the apartment, but we haven't heard from them, so I'm not feeling too confident about it, but we'll see. Obviously, if Zack gets this job, we'll seriously consider staying here or, at least, moving into a house around here.

Speaking of Zack, his twentieth birthday is on Saturday. (He was just walking around the apartment shouting about it.) So we're gonna be busy pretty much all day Saturday. And tomorrow is another monthaversary for us. So tonight we're going out for a little ice cream cake, since we're getting married on our anniversary (which is our next monthaversary).

23 February 2010 @ 05:37 pm
So a few days ago I posted about Toby, who's been my baby for eleven years (I counted). We saw a specialist. He has intestinal cancer, which isn't the rare form we thought he had. That doesn't mean much, though, because the cancer spread from his intestines to his lungs. We've got two or three months tops. I'm really afraid he won't be comfortable for that long though. I don't want to, but I kind of think we might have to put him down in a few weeks. It's... really hard. I'm pretty heartbroken. I've been in love with that cat for eleven years, y'know?

I'm really glad Zack's around. I don't think I'd be this okay without him. I'm really glad Toby waited for me to find him.

*huge sigh*

At this point, I just don't want him suffering during the wedding. That's all I ask. Please?
18 February 2010 @ 12:28 am
So, I couldn't go to work again. Our downstairs neighbors were hammering because their hammering is IMPORTANT BIZNIZ and has to be done right when quiet hours end and their clock is about three minutes faster than ours. Because of this, I got woken by very loud noise. Being woken by very loud noise gives me a migraine.

So, the search for a house for us to move into is now a little more urgent now. We've started looking for a house and aren't terribly concerned where it is, as long as we can leave Riley outside without worrying he'll get stolen. Pretty much anything in our price range is farther east and closer to work which makes me so happy. The half hour drive isn't killer, but it'd be really nice to be even ten minutes closer.

I'm kind of having a rough time right now. I've had my cat, Toby, for about ten years now. He's my first pet and he's been my best friend for ages. Mom took him to the vet for a check-up and had them do x-rays just as a precaution since he's fourteen now. They found a tumour on his lung. If it's cancerous, it's such a rare form of cancer it's found in less than 1% of cats and only 3% of dogs.

He's too old for surgery. He's too old for a lot of things. I really don't know how this is going to work out. I just... I can't stand to watch him hurt. That's all I know. I'm sort of devastated about the whole thing. I'm gonna be pretty depressed about this for a while.

I'm really glad I have Zack.

Also, Universal's "Repo Men" still pisses me off. Repo! The Genetic Opera has been around for YEARS. Not just since 2008. Even Wiki can tell you that they released a CD of the premiere cast stage play in 2002! Okay? Universal is ripping very, very hardworking, dedicated people off. Stay classy, Universal.
*waves* Hi, everybody! I figured it was about time I started posting somewhere regularly about life!

Soooooo, what we've got going on right now... Hmm...

Zack and I are looking at houses! (We kinda sorta can't stand our downstairs neighbors and the complex won't really do anything about them. They're loud and really like pot. I'm not a happy camper when my puppy begs to come back inside after five minutes because they smoke some stank-ycc cred and he spends the entire night smelling like pot. It actually kind of makes me want to cry.) We found a really great house suuuuuper far north of where we live now, but it's a lot closer to work for me. Hopefully, the wedding won't totally drain our finances and we'll be able to get in a house soon! (Provided the tuilrapykc downstairs won't keep giving me migraines so I can't go into work. )

Speaking of the wedding, IT'S ALMOST HERE!! AHHHHHHHHH!
Really, it's not as bad as all that. The wedding itself isn't too much of an issue. My dress is getting taken care of. (Mama and I are making it. ) The flowers are only going to cost us about $100. We've got to meet up with Bill, our officiant and talk about the ceremony itself. But, all in all, everything's getting taken care of!

The reception's got me a little nervous. We have the location and it's amazing. The staff there are perfect. I'm a little worried about finding the money for the DJ. I think we can do it, though! We just gotta! We found the perfect one!

There's also the videographer who we'd love to have film the ceremony and reception, but I dunno if we'll find the money for that. We have a brilliant photographer who I've admired for years flying in to shoot the wedding and reception, though!

My Grandma's in the hospital right now. She had her knees replaced a few years ago and, apparently, something's borked and she had to get cut on to get it fixed. She had her first one done tonight. Everything went great and she's staying until at least Sunday, if not Monday, so Mama and I will probably be going to look at lace for my wedding dress while Zack's in class tomorrow.

And we got some rough news tonight. Looks like Zack's Grandma is losing the gas station/garage she owns. That means a lot of the family, Pops included, is gonna have to find new jobs. Happy thoughts, in prayer form or otherwise are definitely appreciated.

I'm really, really excited for Valentine's Day. I've never actually had a true good one. Last year kinda sucked. My boyfriend sort of ditched me for other girls and I had some creepy kid shove his face in my boobs... This year, Zack and I are (if it's not too cold) going to the zoo, getting some hot cocoa and pizza, and playing Mario Kart all night. (And then I get to wake up bright and early Monday morning to work. )

It's our flowermaid's twenty-first birthday next weekend! I think I just might have to plan something for it.

I... can't think of a very smooth way to end this entry, so... G'night!